The Green Brownie Company & Picnikins stop by the Sales By 5 Pity Party – Episode #40

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6/24/10 Update:

At the request of one of the guests on this episode, I’ve removed the video until further notice. While I don’t find anything necessarily wrong with the video, the guest said that there was negative feedback about it. Since this is NOT a guest whose wine was being reviewed and was a food and wine pairing done on the fly, I’ve consented to remove the video from the site and try to remove it as best as possible from the ‘net. Also, the guest was initially hesitant to even be on camera and unsure if the pairing was a good idea.

Please note that I will not remove a wine review video because a winemaker didn’t like my review. Since my interviews with winemakers involve a non-scored review and only if I like it or not, I don’t foresee any potential issues with an interview with a winemaker.

I leave this posting without the video to show that I’ve not tried to stealthily remove a posting. If the guest requests that the video be re-posted, I will honor that. Also, if I decide to edit the video in such a way to remove the guest, I will repost with explanation.



Mark reviews the 2007 Danielle de l’Ansée Sauvignon Blanc and also has Tracy Carlson from The Green Brownie Company & Geoff Bezuidenhout from Picnikins as guests during the Sales By 5 Pity Party in San Antonio.


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