Wine & Breakfast Tacos – Episode #127

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Author: Mark V. Fusco

San Antonio, TX

In this video wine review, Mark reviews the 2005 Willm Gentil and pairs it with several typical Breakfast Tacos. After the review and finding the webpages, I found the breakdown of varietals. Riesling 30%, Pinot Gris 30%, Pinot Blanc 30%, Muscat 10%.

Links for today’s wine. I didn’t see these websites until I had already started reviewing the wine. A standard Google search didn’t show either website on the first page or two when I first looked. However now a PDF file from Cellar Door shows as the first entry. I may have overlooked it since it wasn’t the winery.

Willm – The site is in French. This is the actual winery

Cellar Door Selections – US importer for Willm. Very little information on this site about any of their wines. #fail

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