Monster Chiller Thriller Wine 2011 – Episode #188

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In this video wine review, Mark reviews 3 Halloween themed wines. The 2010 Gato Negro Malbec, the 2006 Spellwine Zinfandel, and the 2009 Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon. In a correction to the video, Gato Negro Malbec is actually from Argentina, not Chile. However, the winery is from Chile. This is not uncommon with South American wineries.

Links for today’s show:

Gato Negro


Ghost Pines

Vinously Speaking – The other wine blogger in San Antonio

Halloween Happy Hour Wine Tasting – Basically it’s today, yo. So you’ll probably need to pay at the door. Not sure if the Eventbrite link will work.

Ghost Block – This wine not reviewed but mentioned.

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