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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark finally get to review 3 wines his friend Amber Noel kindly bought for him during her tour in India in February. India started making wine thousands of years ago, but it’s modern wine industry is less than a century old. Mark reviews 3 wines this week. The 2012 Sula Vineyards Chenin Blanc, the 2012 Nine Hills Shiraz, and the 2011 Four Season Wine Shiraz.

Some post video tasting notes. As mentioned in one of the “lower thirds” in the video, we had BBQ the night that I tasted these wines. I first re-opened the Nine Hills Shiraz. I had re-sealed it with a Vacu Vin (all the wines tasted that day were re-sealed the same way). I tasted it and was immediately taken aback by how much it had turned. It was extremely sour and bitter. Not at all palatable. I tried the Four Seasons Shiraz also. Same thing. Last night (3 nights after reviewing the wines) I re-opened the Sula Chenin Blanc. It had not changed really, but it still had that overwhelming chemical taste to it. I couldn’t drink it either.

So a couple things to note. All 3 wines either got worse after a couple more hours after being sealed with a Vacu Vin or didn’t improve even after 3 days being sealed. I stand by my recommendation that these three wines were not good at all and cannot recommend. It’s possible but highly unlikely I had three bad bottles. I don’t believe that these are wines that my palate and others with similar palates will enjoy. I know that some of them have been rated at least better than average but I would have given them very bad scores. Possible some of the lowest scores ever for me.

Second. The nasal spray was not a factor. I had not used it since that morning, so the Chenin Blanc’s aromas were all from the wine and not from the spray. It’s very disappointing that these wines didn’t show well. I hope to have better wines from India in the future.

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Nine Hills doesn’t have an active website, but here is a link to their old blog.

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