Hansen Cellars and Winestyr – Episode #290

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark reviews 3 wines he bought via Winestyr. Winestyr is a site that sells craft wine from over 50 producers directly to the consumer. The wines from Hansen Cellars were discounted $21 off of the original price (actually $22 if bought separately from the winery) and shipped for $10. You also can review the wines you bought in your personal online wine journal. Based on your ratings, they will recommend other wines.

Winestyr had contacted me a few months ago about being a sponsor and giving my viewers a discount code. They have yet to finalize that. Since they were a potential sponsor or advertiser, I wanted to try out the service first. I can tell you that it’s pretty easy to pick your wines. They offer them in a variety of packages and at least offered a good discount from Hansen. Shipping is $10 unless you buy $100 or more in wine (see site for details). Then it’s 1¢.

On to my Dad. Without getting into my actual reviews of the wine, I’ll post what he said. I had just finished reviewing the wines and asked him to try these three. He tried the Cab first. He really liked it. Then he tried the Merlot. He said that he liked it but liked the Cab better. On to the Pinot. He didn’t dislike it, but it was his least favorite. I asked if he would pay $15 for the Cab or the Merlot and he said that he would. So, here’s an endorsement for the Cab and the Merlot from Dad. He’s drank cheap wines and expensive wines. He’s not a wine enthusiast, just like to have a nice glass. He liked at least 2 of the 3 wines. He especially liked the Cab.

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Hansen Cellars – Hansen-Garbarino Vineyards is the actually winery

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