Monster Chiller Thriller Wine V – Episode #313

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Bwahahahaha. Happy Halloween everyone! In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark pulls out all the stops and reviews 3 Halloween-themed wines. First is a wine everyone has probably seen on the store shelves, the 2012 Mosselland Riesling Cat Bottle – Black. Second is the 2013 Besieged Red Wine from Ravenswood. The last wine is the 2013 Apothic Dark. A some fun wines to have at a spooky Halloween bash.

Links for this episode:

Moselland eG Winzergenossenschaft – The actual name of the company that makes the wine. It includes information about the company, but the links to any of their wines don’t work.

Halby Marketing – U.S. importer of Moselland wine. This site has information about their wines.

Ravenswood Winery – Makers of Besieged, this link goes directly to the wine.

Apothic Wines – Apothic Dark isn’t listed on their site :/

Ethel M Candy – Yes, it’s still made. Named for the mother of Forrest Mars, Sr.

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