Visiting Palmaz Vineyards – Episode #316

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark visits probably the most technologically advanced winery on the planet, Palmaz Vineyards. An 18-storey building built into the side of a mountain, Palmaz is a true gravity winery that uses very advanced technology during the fermentation process to allow the winemaker to concentrate on the taste of the wine rather than going into the lab to take measurements. One of the main highlights of the trip, this interview is very long. So long I had to break it into two parts; both of which are posted here. Christian Palmaz was both a very knowledgeable and gracious host to us for many hours. So sit back, grab a glass or two of wine (ideally Palmaz), and enjoy my conversation with Christian Palmaz.

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Palmaz Vineyards

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