Testing the AlcoMate Revo – Episode #346

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In this special and first of its kind episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark does a product review of the AlcoMate Revo (TS200) breathalyzer. In order to properly review the product, Mark had to get legally drunk. This was a straight forward test where every 10 minutes or so he took a 1.5 oz shot of 80 proof liquor and tested his BAC with the AlcoMate. A fun and interesting episode for Mark, and he hopes it will be for you.

Links for the show:

AlcoMate – Direct link to the Revo

Wikipedia article on BAC

Good Cocktails page that includes a BAC Calculator among other info.

Gastrointestinal Transit – An article on how fast it takes food to not only leave the stomach, but also the body.

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