So You Wanna Be A Video Podcaster Version 3 – Web Hosting and Video Hosting – Episode #418

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark revisits what it takes to create a video podcast. First, come up with an idea! After that his discusses web hosting and video hosting. This is the second in a 6-part series.

Links for the show:

GoDaddy – This is the service Mark uses, however just about any service out there will suffice. Look for the best deal. Not just initial, but also after the promo period is over.

WordPress – This is the .com and it can be used to host your site – No hosting here, but they’ll send you to others that do. They have files you can download for Themes, Plugins, and other things

Squarespace – The first host I used.

Wix – Another site similar to Squarespace. I forgot to mention it in the video.

Pressable – This is who I use. Excellent customer service and the plan I’m is the old entry level plan for $25. The current $25 plan only covers 1 site. Their next level up for $45 allows 5 sites and unlimited storage.

Bluehost – Another managed WordPress hosting site.

DreamHost – Yet another managed WordPress hosting site

Google Analytics – Just about everyone uses them.

StatCounter – The first analytics company I used and still use. When I created this post on 8/30/18 it appeared that the site was down. I couldn’t find any mention of them going out of business, so it may have been a glitch. The link is here in case it comes back.

YouTube – Not a place to host podcast videos, but you should be on here anyway.

Vimeo – Same as YouTube as it can’t be used to host podcast video. It’s a popular alternative or supplement to YouTube.

PodBean – This is who I use. They seem to have the most reasonable plan for video hosting.

BluBrry – A popular podcast hosting site that can do video. They also have a separate stats plan you can use along with a WordPress plugin.

Libsyn – One of the most popular podcast hosting sites, though it is better suited for audio rather than video.

Podcast Garden – Another alternative podcast hosting site.

Castos – Yet another podcast hosting company.

Amazon S3 – Not ideal, but it could be used “on the cheap” for a while. Realize that if you get very popular, then it may end up more expensive than the above solutions. It’s really not intended to stream audio or video.

Google Drive – Another alternative. They might have some limitations that may add to the cost. I honestly don’t understand how to use it exactly, but you’re more than welcome to figure it out.

Podcast Feed Validators – This is a link to a Google Search for iTunes Podcast Feed Validators. You need a valid RSS feed in order to use iTunes, and if iTunes accepts it, then everyone else will.

iTunes Connect – This is how you manage your podcast on iTunes. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, then you’ll end up creating one.

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