So You Wanna Be A Video Podcaster Version 3 – Lighting & Green Screen – Episode #421

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark discusses lighting for your video podcast and using a green screen. This episode focuses more on the equipment to use rather than how to use it.

Links for the show:

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 – This is the first type of light Mark used for the podcast. He still uses it, but he has also bought the light listed below that is an upgrade to this one.

Neewer Photo Studio 176 LED – This is a brighter, smaller, and lighter upgrade to the light above. And it’s only a buck or two more.

Neewer CN-AC2 DC 7.5V 2A Switching Power Supply Adapter for Video Light CN-160 CN-126 – These are power adapters you can use for both of the lights above. Great for studio work or if you have access to power in the field. Allows you to use AC power rather than batteries. Highly recommended.

PowerSmith PWL1150BS 50W 5000 Lumen LED Work Light – These are the lights Mark currently uses to light his green screen. LED shop lights have become more affordable. These are probably a little more powerful that he actually needs. You can most likely use 2,000 lumens light and save $30 (as of 9/20/18).

Hyperikon A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb, 9W (60W Equivalent), ENERGY STAR Qualified, 5000K – These are the lights Mark has in his ceiling fan. They are dimmable which is not typical for LEDs. These are more expensive than non-dimmable lights. If you don’t need dimmable, then save some money and get those instead. You may notice occasional flicker with these lights.

Hyperikon LED Candelabra Bulb, Dimmable B11 LED Bulb Clear 40W Equivalent (5W), 5000K – Same brand as the above lights, but for chandeliers or candelabra fixtures. These also can exhibit flicker. Though I’ve never noticed them in the videos.

DSTE 2x NP-F750 Replacement Li-ion Battery for Sony CCD-TRV215 CCD-TR917 CCD-TR315 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX7 HVR-V1U HVR-Z7U HVR-Z5U Camera as NP-F730 NP-F770 – Very high capacity batteries. These have lasted at least 3 hours on one charge. They actually had close to 50% left after 3 hours at full illumination of the Studio 176 light. Don’t scrimp, just get these instead of the lower capacity ones.

NP-F970 USB Dual Digital Battery Charger for Sony NP-F550 NP – The charger for the above batteries.

CowboyStudio Photography 10 X 20ft Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop with 10ft Heavy Duty Crossbar Background Support System with Carry Bag – The green screen Mark uses. Bought specifically because it doesn’t have lights included.

LimoStudio 6 PCS Black Nylon Muslin/Paper Photo Backdrop Background Clamps, 3.75 inch, AGG1242 – These are used to secure the green screen to the stands. Not the ones that Mark currently uses, but they are a good substitute. The ones Mark uses are no longer available on Amazon.

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