Texas Hill Country Winery Symposium 2019 – Episode #432

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark gives you his daily recaps of the Texas Hill Country Winery Symposium that was held at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort in January of 2019. This Symposium brings together many of the main players in the Texas Hill Country to discuss various wine making techniques, vineyard management, business best practices, and marketing strategies. Dozens of vendors are also on hand from lenders, insurance, closure suppliers, oak suppliers, yeast suppliers, pesticide/herbacide/fertilizer/etc. suppliers, trellising systems, and much more.

Links for the show:

2019 Symposium website  – This website may eventually become unavailable in the future

Texas Hill Country Wineries – This is the main website promoting wineries in the Texas Hill Country.

Horseshoe Bay Resort – Really nice resort in the upper Texas Hill Country

Wine Folly Oak Page

Wikipedia Oak Barrel Page

Click HERE for the episode of me visiting Duchman and interviewing Dave Reilly. I visited them in December of 2012.

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