ProWein 2019 Day One – Episode #446

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark visits one of the largest wine trade shows in the world – ProWein in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is his first visit to the “trade fair” as they call it. He sits down with Hannes Hiller-Jordan of Weingut Jordan during the episode to talk wine also. This is the first of a 3-part series on ProWein.

Links below from the video. Also included are links to some of the wineries Mark visited but didn’t get any video from:


Weingut Jordan – not to be confused with the Jordan winery in Sonoma.

Comité Champagne

Toplou Monastery – Some cool wine from Greece, Crete actually, that I tasted.

Seméli Estate – More wine from Greece. This time from the area called Nemea (as in the place of one of Heracles’ labors.

Allegrini – An Italian winery in the Valpolicella region that makes a wide range of quality wines.

Poggio al Tesoro – Italian winery in the the Bogheri region in Tuscany.

Fontanafredda – An Italian winery in the Piedmont.

The following were wines tasted at the VDP event Mark went to that night:

Weingut Schloss Proschwitz

Weingut Karthäuserhofberg

Weingut Jürgen Ellwanger

Staatsweingut Weinsberg

Weingut Franz Keller

Weingut Siegrist – I kept coming back to this Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

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