Darnat, Why Not? – Episode #476

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark reviews the 2014 Domain Henri Darnat Bourgogne Blanc La Jumalie. At the time of recording I really couldn’t find much about Henri Darnat.

I still can’t find much about it, but I’ve listed an English wine shop that has a small blurb about the winery. BTW, the retail price of this wine there is £12.95 which equates to $16.23 (on 9/22/2019). It’s €15.27 at a French wine shop website and that also equals $16.91, so I just about nailed the price. In my head I was probably thinking €15.

For the sake of posterity, I’ve copied their comments below in case this page goes away:

Henri Darnat and his wife Marion took over the family domaine in 2000. Since then, he has converted the estate to organic viticulture and established contracts with the owners of a further fifteen hectares to purchase their grapes.
Henri believes in picking at full ripeness and is prepared to lose volume by waiting for the optimum moment. As a result, he is often one of the last to finish harvesting in the village. His 2014s are a splendid range of wines, the ripe, honeyed fruit balanced by crisp, mouthwatering acidity.
Lovely wine, partly vinified in stainless steel and partly in tank. The accent is on the fruit with just a hint of oak. Fantastic value, delicious young but with the potential to age gracefully.

I also found the domain’s website, but it’s pretty sparse on information. Here are those links:

Domain Henri Darnat

Dunells – English wine shop.

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