Domaine de GUI? – Episode #479

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV 2017 Domaine de Gouye Syrah Vin de France Gabouillon. So yea, I butcher the pronunciation of this wine. Gouye is pronounced like GUI, as in Graphical User Interface or gooey. Gabouillon is pronounced ga-bwee-yon. At least that how I’m phonetically spelling it. As far as the winemaker’s name, Phillipe Desbos, Desbos is pronounced day-bow. I should know that, but I had a brain fart. Anyway, check it out.

Links for the show:

SommSelect – This is the SommSelect tasting notes. This like will eventually expire.

North Berkeley Imports – The importer of the wine

Domaine de Gouye – The actual domaine, but it’s a pretty sparse website. Very likely they paid someone to create it a long time ago and hasn’t been updated. 🙁

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