Monster Chiller Thriller Wine X – Episode #486

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark returns as the Grim Reaper for his 10th Halloween Special! In a first for this special, he reviews a mead and a spirit in addition to a wine. He drops some knowledge on mead and tequila production. Check out the links below concerting these two topics.

Links for the show:

Dansk Mjød – Official site for Viking Blod Mead

What is Mead? – Wikipedia page for mead

Juggernaut Wine – Main website

Bogle Vineyards – Actual maker of Juggernaut as far as I know

What is a Juggernaut? – Wikipedia page for what is a juggernaut

Los Azulejos – Main page for the maker of Skelly Tequila

Casa Maestri – The actual distiller for Skelly Tequila – This site will detail all tequilas made using the NOM

Long Island Tequila’s Skelly Page

Agave Piña Cooking Methods – – This is another Long Island Tequila page dedicated to describing how Tequila is made.

Process Matters – Taste Tequila – Very detailed website dedicated to Tequila.

Mucho Agave – This page details what a Difusor (spelling in Mexico) is.


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