UPDATED Review – Yatir Winery Mt. Amasa White & Yatir Creek Red – Episode #498

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N.B. This is an updated video to correct several mistakes I made. Vicki Jakubovic from the PR company (VickiGJ PR) that sent me the wines was gracious enough to not only contact me about them, but also put me in contact with Etti Edri, Export Manager for Carmel Wines (parent company for Yatir). Etti and I had a really great phone call that clarified a lot for me and gave me some more info. Thanks to both ladies for helping me with correcting those mistakes.

In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark reviews some free samples of wines from Israel. These were sent initially for Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) back in September. Unfortunately I had other episodes already scheduled so I let the supplier know I would review them later this year. However these could be used for Hanukkah which starts at sundown on 12/22/19.

Links below for the show:

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