2019 Christmas Special – Episode #499

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark pulls out some cool wines that could be used for Christmas. First up is the MV Bruno Paillard Brut Rosé. Next is the 2016 El Enemigo Chardonnay. The third wine is the 2014 Domaine Vacheron Sancerre Rouge. But that’s not all! Mark also gets into the holiday spirit with not one, but two different Egg Nogs! First is the Pennsylvania Dutch version, and then he tastes the Santa Clara Rompope from Mexico.

Just like the last episode, there are video glitches that really can’t be helped. There has been a recent update of the Mac OS and Final Cut Pro X which has caused the return on video glitches for cameras that record in the AVCHD format. We just have to hope that Apple will fix this issue like they’ve done in the past. The New Year’s Eve episode will also have it. I’ll just have to switch to using the iPhone 11 Pro for now until this issue is resolved or maybe just not use the camcorder anymore even if they do fix it.

Links for the show:

Bruno Paillard

El Enemigo

Domaine Vacheron – This is the U.S. Importer’s page for the winery.

History of Egg Nog – No website for Pennsylvania Dutch.

History of Rompope – No website for Santa Clara.

TTB’s page concerning sulfite labeling – basically 10ppm and above requires “Contains Sulfites.”

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