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About Wine World TV

Fall of 2020 saw the end of 1337 Wine TV and the start of Wine World TV. After 11 years under the 1337 Wine TV brand, it was time to make a change. A change to the name (“what does 1337 mean?”). A change to the format. But still the same in many ways.

Wine World TV is that change. The tagline is “The World of Wine on your Screen.” Be it a large screen HD TV (I don’t do 4K…yet), a small smartphone screen, a tablet, laptop, desktop. However you watch video, I want to be the premier wine show on it. Also, while wine is my focus, I hope to highlight other beverages more often.

As I write this at the end of September, in anticipation of relaunching my wine show on October 5th, much of what WWTV is, or will be at this point, is still in my head. Here is the vision:

Reviews – The primary focus of the show. I have a ton of wine that still needs review. So those wines will be the focus for a while. At the same time, I want to kind of return to my roots on the review side. That means less of the premium and luxury wines, and more sub-$20-25 wines. 

Much of that is because of what I can afford. I’ve left the restaurant management business and I’m now an hourly employee in the beverage retail space. So my income has taken a huge hit.

Also, those more value-priced wines tend to be more accessible to everyone. Many of the wines I’ve purchased over the years, especially from SommSelect, just aren’t widely available at retail. And when I finally review them, the chance of them being available is pretty slim. However, I also can’t start buying tons of wine right now, so I’ll review whatever I currently have.

But that’s not really the main focus for the reviews. I want them to be tighter. Less rambling. So I now script out the first half of these shows. All the info on the wine and winery will be planned out. I implemented this the last few 1337 Wine TV episodes.

Also, I’m giving more value to the viewer. Use of graphics, maps, Google Earth, and possibly more to give the viewer a never attempted before perspective. Always looking to innovate what I do to separate myself from my peers, WWTV gives you the best experience possible without having a big production company behind me.

Two Shows a Week – Going back to two shows a week. Main Mondays and Freestyle Fridays. Mondays will be the “Main” type of content. Reviews and interviews. Basically what my long time viewers are used to. 

On Fridays, I’ll put out a second review or interview much of the time, but I’ll also provide some different content. Maybe a mini-course on Bordeaux. Teaching you how to properly open a bottle of Champagne. Reviewing a gadget instead of a beverage. Giving you an insider’s perspective on the beverage industry. Or even advice on how to pursue a career in this industry. Friday is wide open. With all that said, again, it will mostly be a second day of the week for a review or interview.

Interviews – Speaking of interviews. With the global pandemic of 2020, wineries all around the world have had to innovate themselves. One of the things they had to figure out was how to connect with their customers virtually. Many of them now use things like Zoom to reach their customers. And with that they’ve had to invest in all the things necessary to do it – webcams, lights, microphones, etc. That also means they can do online interviews with me via Skype, Zoom, or other means. Skype is my preferred method BTW. See my Skype Interviews & Virtual Tastings page for more info on that!

I hope to leverage this more often. 2020 already saw more Skype interviews for me than I normally do in 2 or 3 years! This past summer there has been a lot of turmoil, plus my own rebranding, then the push into harvest. So once harvest is over in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ll reach out for interviews.

News – In additional to all of this, as if that wasn’t enough, I hope to bring you even more content. On Wednesdays I’ll have the Weekly Wine News or WWN. I’ll have to practice my best James Earl Jones voice so I can do a “This is WWN” VoiceOver. 😉 

Why do this? Well I subscribe to a few newsletters that put out a lot of news stories every week. Plus I also get quite a few press releases. I really have no outlet for this. Now I can.

While I plan to target industry people with this news show, I also want to be able to spin it for the consumer. Explain why something would be relevant to the consumer. Of course some things will be obvious, but maybe that big merger, or new disease, or spring hail, or whatever that may happen that doesn’t have an immediate impact will be made clear to the consumer. 

This also gives me an opportunity to do short-form interviews. Sometimes a winemaker or winery owner doesn’t have time for a 45 minute to 1 hour Skype interview. But they do have 5-10 minutes to highlight something special. 

This also ties into Friday Freestyle. Maybe there’s a news special I’d like to do. Maybe a longer interview on a specific topic in the industry. Breaking news that I don’t want to wait till next week. Yeah, it’s only a couple days later, but the reality is that I’ll end up recording Wednesday’s shows sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

Above all else, my goal is to continue to provide the best wine-focused content out there. Period. While I don’t actively search the internet for what my peers in the video world do, but I do keep an eye out for what others are attempting in the video world. Many of them are doing great stuff. And some are being super creative. More creative than I can be in many cases. With that said, I strive to provide the best quality content in a fun and approachable manner.

Come join me for another 11 years, or more!

Mark V. Fusco, CS, CSW

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