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Lesson 29 – Australia, pt. 1

Sommelier School Lesson 29 – Australia Part 1   Yellow Tail. Australian for Wine. Ok, I can’t be the first to come up with that. Anyway, welcome to the next lesson on Australia. I hope to educate you about the great wines coming from here

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Lesson 28 – South America

Sommelier School Lesson 28 – South America   South America. Another place that started making wine thanks to the Spanish missionaries. Since 1531 wine grapes have been grown here. It is also considered the second most important wine producing continent. Even so, South American wine

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Lesson 23 – Portugal

Part 1 Part 2 Sommelier School Lesson 23 – Portugal   This week we are going to tackle all of Portugal. Home of Port, one of the most famous wines in the world. It is also home to Madeira wine. In addition to these to

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Lesson 22 – Spain, pt. 2

Sommelier School Lesson 22 – Spain, pt. 2 Hello everyone and sorry for the delay yet again. The real job and personal schedule sometimes conflict and honestly I sometimes just decide to take a day off 😉 This website is like a 2nd job sometimes.

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