Circle Game Retirement Press Release – 1/1/2018

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Mark V. Fusco Announces His Retirement from “The Circle Game”

1/1/2018 – Beginning 1/1/2018, Mark V. Fusco has announced that he is retiring from The Circle Game. Mark was introduced to the game 20 years ago in the Summer of 1997 in its home state of Ohio while working at Dave & Buster’s in Cincinnati. He quickly became a master of the game. He not only became known as being extremely difficult to “get” to look at the Circle, he also became known for his creativity in getting other people to look at the Circle. This mastery of the game continued into the 2000s in Chicago, Illinois and San Antonio, TX.

The popularity of the Circle Game has exploded over the past several years with the advent of social media and smart phones with people from all over the world participating. Created by Matt Nelson of New Bremen, Ohio (cf. History of the Circle Game), the Circle Game involves getting another person to look at a circle formed with your hand below the waist. Variants include taking pictures of the Circle below the waist and drawing a picture of a hand forming the Circle where it will be below the waist of your intended victim(s), and finally elaborate videos of people performing various stunts only to culminate with them doing the Circle.

Over the 20 years that Mark has played the game, he was considered one of the best at the game with rarely anyone his equal. One person in particular became an arch-nemesis and one of the only people to equal him at the game and sometimes surpass him – Tony from his days at Saltgrass Steakhouse near Helotes, TX. Tony eventually had a streak of 10+ “looks” from Mark to only 1 “look” from Tony during a stretch of a few months after each of them launched dozens of Circles each day at the other.

Over the past few weeks, Mark has had a near 100% success rate l at avoiding looking at the Circle from his co-workers IRL and from many of his social media friends virtually. He has told many of his co-workers that today would be his retirement day from the game. Therefore, if someone does attempt to play the game with Mark, he will not care anymore if he looks, and he may intentionally look at the Circle. This will be the same for anyone attempting to “get” him via social media or text messaging.

Mark thanks all of you who have attempted to play the Circle Game with him and he wishes you all the best of luck in getting someone else. And with that….. 👌

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