1337 Wine Celebrates 10 Years of Podcasting

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1337 Wine TV

Mark V. Fusco / mark@1337wine.com  

Owner, 1337 Wine TV


SAN ANTONIO, TX (May 27, 2019) – Today, 1337 Wine TV is proud to announce the release of Episode 450 which also marks 10 years of the 1337 Wine TV (Leet Wine TV) video podcast. The podcast can be seen on iTunes, Podbean, YouTube, and 1337wine.com among other places and podcatchers.

Mark V. Fusco, CS, CSW, CSWS started 1337 Wine back in 2009 when he thought he saw a wine named 1337. Thinking that a wine was named for geeks, but not specifically wine geeks, he decided that a wine named 1337 would be a great idea. Eventually he embarked on producing a video wine review podcast called 1337 Wine TV. 

Being an avid watcher of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV (WLTV), Mark started his show with a similar idea of providing a straight forward and honest review of wine combined with dropping some wine knowledge on his viewers. He also took inspiration from long time podcasters Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, and the Podfather himself, Adam Curry (n.b. Mark has met all 4 in person over the years).

The first show was released on May 28, 2009. Initially 1337 Wine TV produced 5 shows per week like WLTV during the summer of 2009. Shortly afterwards Mark settled on producing 3 shows per week. Eventually it was changed to 1 show per week after seeing a shift in how the show was being watched on more television sets via TiVo set-top boxes rather than computer or mobile screens. The show length has varied over the years depending on number of wines reviewed, educational segments, guests, specials, etc. Currently, the show is released every Monday.

1337 Wine TV is one of the only, if not theonly, independently produced wine review shows on iTunes, and the Internet in general. No show combines wine and beverage reviews, education, and interviews like 1337 Wine TV does.

Mark has reviewed 555 wines, 2 ciders, 1 beer, and 7 spirits during the 10 years of the show. He has interviewed or has had over 70 guests. 1337 Wine TV has been seen in over 130 countries, and Mark has visited over 30 wine growing areas throughout the United States, France, and Germany in pursuit of interviews for the show. 

Mark has also covered several beverage industry conferences over the years via the show and social media such as Texsom, ProWein, the San Antonio Cocktail Conference, and the Texas Hill Country Winery Symposium; some of them multiple times.

Guests on the show have included sommeliers and Master Sommeliers, restauranteurs, authors, winemakers, and others. Wines reviewed have come from every major wine producing country around the world and also some countries with smaller production. Several shows have included food pairings. And there are yearly specials for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Episode 450 was filmed on May 20, 2019 at High Street Wine Co. in front of a live audience. Wines on the show were the 2017 Pedernales Viognier, the 2014 Benziger Tribute, and the Non-Vintage Bruno Paillard Brut Premiere Cuvée. All 3 wines were picked due to some special significance to the show or Mark.

1337 Wine TV thanks Scott Ota and the staff at High Street Wine Co., located in the Pearl Complex in San Antonio, TX for their generous hospitality in hosting the event. Scott and his staff exemplify their motto of #HospitalityFirst everyday.

1337 Wine TV can be found on iTunes, Podbean, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and www.1337wine.com.

For further information go to www.1337wine.com

1337 Wine TV falls under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License 

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