Visting Pedernales Cellars 2020 – Episode #2

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If I’m going to start off a series of interviews at Texas wineries to help launch and celebrate my new show, then there’s really only one choice. The fine folks at Pedernales invited me to come by Labor Day week and I took them up on that invite. I sit down for my 3rd interview with Julie Kuhlken and a new face for us, Joanna Wilczoch, who is their current winemaker. She has been the winemaker for a few years, with Julie’s brother David now in the role of “Executive Winemaker.”

A couple of things about this interview. First, yes, the doors behind me are glass doors so the video is a bit blown out, especially at the end. Second, my audio for the last segment is less than ideal. Julie’s is fine. Luckily it’s the last few minutes of the show.

I encourage you to check them out and other great Texas wineries! Every year Texas wines are getting better as a category and are equaling wines from other parts of the U.S. and world.

Links for the show:

Pedernales Cellars

Texas Fine Wine – Pedernales is a member of this group that promotes 5 wineries that are producing world class wines.

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