Visiting Slate Mill Wine Collective – Episode #3

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This is the second Texas winery interview from my Labor Day week trips to Texas wineries. I got the chance to spend some great quality time with some new friends at Slate Mill Wine Collective. They are one of the only customers crush facilities (kind of like a co-operative) dedicated to doing custom crush rather than just letting a winery or two piggyback on an existing wineries operation.

I sit down with Chase Jones, who is one of the owners, and the primarily functions as the Director of Operations currently. Emily Graff, who is the Vineyard Manager, also joins us.

Like most of my interviews, this is like sitting in a room listening in on a conversation among friends. It’s definitely another long episode, but worth it to get the perspective of what is a brand new venture and hearing about some of the things that Chase and his family have had to learn, sometimes the hard way, about starting a winery.

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Slate Mill Wine Collective

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