Freestyle Fridays – Interviewing Joel Quigley of Prescription Vineyards – Episode #65

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Editor’s Note! This is a reposting of my interview with Joel Quigley from Lloyd Cellars and Prescription Vineyards. I had a couple errors in the first version that I needed to correct. This was a fun interview so enjoy!

In this Freestyle Friday episode, we’re taking a break from my farming practices videos. Per my doctor’s orders, I’m taking a new prescription, Prescription Wine that is. I had the opportunity to share a dinner and then interview Joel Quigly of Prescription Vineyards, and also Lloyd Cellars, during his visit to San Antonio a couple weeks ago. I’ve been seeing this wine out in the market and it was a perfect opportunity to get to know the wine and the people behind it better. Be sure to check it out! We tasted the 2019 Prescription Chardonnay and the 2019 Prescription Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Prescription Vineyards

Lloyd Cellars – Parent company

Jessup Cellars

Handwritten Wines

Amazon Affiliate link – The Wine Brats’ Guide to Living with Wine Paperback

Blue Star Contemporary – Art Gallery & Event Space in San Antonio

Alyson Alonzo – DJ and artist Joel mentioned. Definitely check her out!

Biga on the Banks – Where we at dinner the night before. Awesome food & service.

OUR PESCATARIAN HOLIDAY WITH CELEB CHEF & AUTHOR BOB BLUMER IS DISHWASHER SAFE – Link to book and recipes for the pescatarian dishes.

Wine Production In Depth – Where I got the sub-cap fermentation diagram

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