#LifeWithMark – Episode #1

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Ever wonder what #LifeWithMark is like? In this episode I’ll show you what a typical dinner with me is like. This is definitely a long video (70 minutes) but I’m doing a fully coursed out dinner from pre-dinner cocktail to digestif along with great info on each of the beverages.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still making eating out a less than ideal experience, I enjoyed my birthday dinner at home with my dad. We enjoyed a takeout dinner from Paesano’s and a Tres Leches cake from Central Market here in San Antonio, TX.

All beverages paired with each course were ones I already had at home. It presented a good exercise in working with what you have. Luckily I have a pretty decent wine collection still. My wine and entrée pairing is a bit unusual, but I think you’ll find it works. I did at least.

Links for the show:


Central Market

Iowa Legendary Rye

Bonnet Ponson Champagne

Weingut Christoffel-Berres – This is SommSelect page for the wine I bought from them. The winery doesn’t have a website from what I can tell.

Royal Tokaji Wine Company

Fernet Branca

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