Reviewing 2014 Château de Brézé, “Clos de la Rue” – Episode #15

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In this episode of WWTV, I review the Reviewing 2014 Château de Brézé, “Clos de la Rue” Saumur Blanc. I had a great time researching this wine. The history of the Château along with learning about Arnaud Lambert, the winemaker, was very interesting. I rarely talk about the wine in the description, but if I could sum everything up, this wine rocks and Araund is well on his way to become not only a well respected producer in the area, but iconic.

Links for the show:

Sommselect’s Tasting Notes page (N.B. this page could eventually not work)

Article on Arnaud Lambert from the wine’s importer, The Source

2nd article on Arnaud Lambert from the wine’s importer, The Source. It gives the details about the vineyards of Brézé

Château de Brézé – Official website of the Château

My review of 2 different Don Melchors mentioned in this episode. One Don Melchor, the 2012, had been under Coravin for about 18 months. The Two Dons – Episode #429

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