Freestyle Friday – Sweet vs. Dry Wine – Episode #35

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In this Freestyle Friday episode of WWTV, I tackle one of the most dreaded subjects in wine. The actual difference between a sweet and dry wine. For people in the industry, dryness or sweetness of wine has a specific definition. It’s tied to an amount of residual sugar, or RS in a wine. This can range depending on the style of wine, but it’s a fairly low number. The general public, however, will say a lot of wine is sweet, when it’s, in fact, technically dry. I cover the legal and technical aspects of what is dry and what is sweet, and why we call dry wines sweet. Put on your thinking caps!

Links for the show: 

Wine Folly – Dry to Sweet Wines

LCBO – Want to see what the RS (Residual Sugar for a wine is? Well, LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario, a Canadian state-ran wine shop), among other ones in Canada, lists it in the product details for most of  their wines.

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