Freestyle Friday – Mead – Episode #45

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In this Freestyle Friday episode of WWTV, I explore mead. Sometimes call Honey Wine, but also thought of as a beer. It neither and both in many ways. Ultimately it’s a unique beverage. I don’t go as deep into what mead is and how it’s made like sake, but I give you an idea about it. In today’s show I taste the Thorin’s Viking Mead and Schramm’s Ginger Mead.

Links for the show:

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National Honey Board

Got Mead

Schramm’s Mead

Monster Chiller Thriller Wine X – Episode #486

LCBO – Want to see what the RS (Residual Sugar for a wine is? Well, LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario, a Canadian state-ran wine shop), among other ones in Canada, lists it in the product details for most of  their wines.

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