Freestyle Fridays – The Great California Cab Shootout Part 2 – Episode #49

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In this episode of WWTV, I’m continuing my 3-part (technically 4-part) series about how wines are priced. This is Part 2 of that series and I’ll be giving you the backgound on 6 Cabernet Sauvignons from the 2016 vintage from California. If you haven’t watch the prior two episodes, please check them out. They are 2 halves of Part 1 (Part 1.1 and 1.2) that talk about how wine is priced.

I’m going to evaluate these 6 wines in the next episode using my deductive tasting skills to determine if quality matches price. The prices of the wines range from $10 – 250. Will they all match the price? Will the most expensive wine suck and the cheapest wine win? Watch and find out!

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LCBO – Canadian retailer that sends all wines to be tested. How I found out RS if the tech sheet doesn’t have it –

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