Freestyle Fridays – Interviewing Andre Boada of Vino Cadre – Episode #79

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In this Freestyle Friday episode, I’m going back to doing a few interviews. As part of my coverage of the 2022 Texas Hill Country Winery Symposium, I sat down with Andre Boada, owner of VinoCadre. Andre acts as a consultant to wineries here in Texas. He also creates events at different wineries here in Texas and Sonoma along with private events for your business and even your home! I got to experience one of his events at Turtle Creek Olives and Vines, an up-and-coming winery in Kerrville a couple days before the Symposium. Come check out what he does and his thoughts on the Texas Wine Industry!

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Turtle Creek Olives & Vines

Texas Wine Trail (organization that runs the Symposium)

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