Freestyle Fridays – Interviewing Michael McClendon & Wes Jensen of Sages Vintage – Episode #83

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In this Freestyle Friday episode, I’m going back to doing a few interviews. As part of my coverage of the 2022 Texas Hill Country Winery Symposium, I sat down with Michael McClendon and Wes Jensen of Sages Vintage. I met Michael last year at TIWA – the Texsom International Wine Awards. We chatted about being on the show and since he and Wes were at the Symposium we took advantage of that fact and sat down to talk about Sages Vintage. Unlike last week’s interview, Sages Vintage is solely a custom crush in Nacogdoches, TX rather than an incubator and does not make their own wine.

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Sages Vintage

Texas Wine Trail (organization that runs the Symposium)

Wikipedia – Schrödinger’s cat – my failed attempt to sound smart describing my understanding of winery operations. I couldn’t remember the name of the cat or the details of the paradox

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