2022 New Year’s Eve Special – Episode #109

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Time for the 2022 New Year’s Eve Special. I’ve got 3 sparkling wines from different parts of the world. Some may be harder to find than others. First is the NV El Bajio sparkling wine from Mexico. Second is the 2013 Maximin Grünhäuser Riesling Sekt. The last wine is the NV Champagne Chapuy Tradition Brut. Definitely a cool line up. Come check it out and hopefully you’ll be able to find some of these to toast in the new year!

Links for the show:

Casa Madero (this site is in Spanish, I couldn’t get the English version to work) – https://madero.com

Wikipedia – Mexican Wine – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_wine

Wine Enthusiast – Baja and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know About Mexican Wine – https://www.winemag.com/2020/08/18/mexico-best-wine-guide/

Forbes – How Wine Is Growing In Popularity In Mexico – https://www.forbes.com/sites/karlsson/2018/05/18/tequila-and-beer-out-time-for-mexican-wine/?sh=26d127de1e3f

Wine Folly – An Overview of Mexican Wine Country – https://winefolly.com/deep-dive/an-overview-of-mexican-wine-country/

Consejo Mexicano Vitivinícola (Mexican Vitiviniculture (wine) Council) – There is an English version of the site – https://uvayvino.org.mx

La Competencia Imports (while the wine is bottled by Freixenet, the importer is the “winemaker”) – El Bajio – https://www.lacompetenciaimports.com/Wineries/El-Bajio-Wines

Freixenet – https://www.freixenet.com

Freixenet Mexico (site is in Spanish) – https://freixenetmexico.com.mx

Maximin Grünhaus (site is in German, the English one doesn’t work) – https://maximingruenhaus.de

Champagne Chapuy – https://www.champagne-chapuy.com

Decanter – Meet the ‘new’ Bordeaux wine grapes – https://www.decanter.com/learn/new-bordeaux-grapes-wines-420290/

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