Reviewing – Gruyère AOP Cheese – Episode #121

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In this episode of Wine World TV, I’m reviewing some Gruyère cheese direct from where it started, Switzerland! These are free samples provided to me and I have free reign to review them. N.B. since this is about the Gruyère cheese AOP and not about any specific producer, I don’t have a producer name.

Links for the show:

Le Gruyère – Official Swiss website –

Swiss PDO-PGI Association – Great site to see many of the non-wine appellations in Switzerland –

Cheeses From Switzerland – Types of Cheese (if you’re curious about the different cheeses) –

Wikipedia – Geographical indications and traditional specialities in the European Union –

Wikipedia – Gruyère cheese –ère_cheese

Wikipedia – Cheese –

Wikipedia – Ruminant –

Wikipedia – Silage –

Wikipedia – Casein –

Diary Farming Hut – Which is Better for Milk Production in Cows: Hay or Silage? – Which is Better for Milk Production in Cows: Hay or Silage?(realize this is a site that is going to be biased towards using silage)

Science Direct – Journal of Dairy Science – Silage review: Animal and human health risks from silage – (the good and bad of silage)

Undeniably Dairy – Milk Pasteurization Process: What Is Pasteurized Milk & Why –

Food & Wine – Judge Rules U.S. Cheesemakers Can Still Make ‘Gruyere’ –

Academy of Cheese – Beginner’s Guide to Affinage –

Specifications of Gruyere AOP –

YouTube – CGP Grey – Why Zebra Are Terrible Horses – Why Zebra Are Terrible Horses

Greedy Gourmet – Gruyere Cheese Substitutes (I don’t specifically mention these, but if you’re looking for something similar, but not called Gruyère, these may work. Especially if you’re having trouble finding the real thing) –

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