Monster Chiller Thriller Wine XIV – Episode #138

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Mwhahahaha! It’s time for Monster Chiller Thriller Wine XIV! Yes, it’s the 14th year of my Halloween Special! I’ve got for wines under $20 that fit the Halloween theme in some way.  They are the 2019 Sangre de Toro Original, the 2019 Apothic Inferno, the 2020 Charles & Charles Bolt Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Non-Vintage 19 Crimes Dracula Red Blend. I paired them with some candies also! At least a couple of these are perfect for your Halloween parties!

Links for the show:

Sangre de Toro –

Familia Torres –

Empson USA Sangre de Toro Page –

Sangre de Toro Tech Sheet (from Empson USA website) –

Wikipedia – Bodegas Torres –

Apothic –

Bieler Wines –

Charles Smith Wines –

Charles & Charles (from the Bieler website) –

Charles & Charles (from the Trinchero website) –

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery –

19 Crimes –

19 Crimes Dracula Red Blend –

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