Friday Conversation With Joe & Jeremy – Episode #238

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In this special episode of Leet Wine TV, I had the honor of sitting down with Joe Buonincontri, Owner of Luce Ristorante e Enoteca here in San Antonio and Jeremy Parzen the man behind the wine blog This was prior to a food and wine blogger’s dinner at Luce on April 23, 2012. We got to talk about how Joe got started with the restaurant, his vision for the restaurant, and his wine list among other things. We also talked with Jeremy about his start in the blogging industry, his background, how he got into wine and other things.

If you live in the San Antonio area, please stop by Luce and say hi to Joe. The food and wine we had was excellent. The staff was wonderful too. Joe’s wine list is very focused on Italian wine which is refreshing compared to some of the other Italian restaurants in San Antonio. Luce is also on Twitter and Facebook so check them out there too.

If you are a wine person, which of course you are since you’re here, check out Jeremy’s blog. He not only writes for his own blog, but also about 20 others. He is an expert in Italian wine and and awesome person in general. Also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Note: The sound has been cleaned up as much as possible. While not horrible, there was a decent amount of background noise that I tried to eliminate.

Links for today’s show:

Luce Ristorante e Enoteca
Do Bianchi

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