2014 New Year’s Eve Special – Episode #320

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In this special New Year’s Eve episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark reviews 3 sparkling wines to help ring in the new year. A variety of sparklers again this year with the first being the Non-Vintage Gruet Brut from the Gruet Winery in New Mexico. Next up is the Non-Vintage Depreville Demi-Sec Ice from the Jura in France with an interesting provenance (see below). Last is the 2004 Bernard Bremont Grand Cru Brut. A Recoltant Manipulant (RM), aka Grower Champagne, from the Ambonnay area of Champagne.

Links for the show:

Gruet Winery

Bernard Bremont This is a link to the Google Translate version of the page since they don’t have an English version. Here is the French Version

While I usually put the links in order of the wine reviews, I decided to put the second wine here as the it has a lot of link research associated with it:

Depreville Demi-Sec Ice:

Depreville itself is a brand name and not a winery. I bought it at Total Wine & More.

Imported by Saranty Imports which doesn’t have a website but is in reality a Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits company. They both have shared the same mailing address of 709 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY 10604, yet have physical locations about a mile from each other. Saranty is at 108 Corporate Park Dr, West Harrison, NY 10604 which is off of Westchester Ave southeast of Deutsch Family.

Both were named in a lawsuit filed October 2, 2014 in U.S. District Court Southern District of New York for Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement along with Depreville, Les Grands Chais de France, and the winery La Maison du Vigneron.

After further research I’ve also determined that Francois Montand which can also be seen on the Maison du Vigneron’s website is the actual winery.

Please note, that non of this detracts from the review of the wine itself. I gave it an honest evaluation. I like knowing exactly who is producing a wine and not have a mysterious or unknown name tacked on to a label. There’s nothing unsavory here necessarily. This happens all the time with wines. House labels, wineries that rebrand a current wine for a retailer or restaurant, wineries that create a different wine for a retailer or restaurant, “bodegas,” etc. Most of these have a brand name and only have an importer’s name attached to it. My goal was to show the peeling of the onion skin.

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