GruVee Caps Part 2 – Episode #387

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark does his first trial of tasting a wine under the Coravin Cap versus the same wine freshly opened. He also talks about some of his experiences in Burgundy.

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Ibis Styles – The hotel Mark stayed at in Beaune.

Trianium iPhone Battery Case – The battery case Mark talked about not being able to hold a charge after a couple months of use.

Optiwine – The pocket decanter Mark bought in France.

Oenarom – The wine aroma kit Mark bought in France. It is made by Sentosphere.

i-FlashDeviceHD – The SD card reader that Mark talked about that really doesn’t work 🙁

BUBM Electronics Organizer – What Mark used to organize the cables and other devices in his backpack.

Eocean 3-in-1 Extendable Phone Tripod – This the the selfie-stick/tripod Mark used on the trip. Highly recommend it if you’re planning on using a phone as a video camera as long as you’re not anywhere with a lot of wind. Super compact.

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