2017 New Year’s Eve Special – Episode #394

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In this episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark reviews 3 sparkling wines you might use for a New Year’s Eve celebration. First is the Non-Vintage J. Roget Brut American Champagne. Second is the Non-Vintage Voveti Prosecco. Last is the Non-Vintage Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve. I apologize for the video glitches. While importing the video file into the editing software I use (Final Cut Pro X), something happened to the file. I’ve re-imported it and it still has the same glitches in the same places. The raw file is clean.

Links for the show:

Constellation Brands – The owner of J. Roget

Constellation Brands’ Wikipedia page

Reference For Business post for the company before it was called Constellation Brands.

Hey, Lady, That Ain’t Champagne! – Jeremy Parzen’s post in the Houston Press about his encounter with J. Roget in NYC

Voveti Prosecco – the winery’s website.

Nicolas Feuillatte – the winery’s website

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