Freestyle Friday – Sake Part 3 – Episode #43

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In this Freestyle Friday episode of WWTV, I take you to Japan for a third time. We explore the national beverage Sake. This is part three of a  three-parter. Today we cover more terms, sweet vs. dry in sake. How acidity and umami factor in. I also cover sake’s aromas, flavors, food pairing, and basic sake service. Today’s sake is the Miyashita Sake Brewery Sacred Mist. This is another long one, so get comfortable.

Links for the show:

Sake entry from Wikipedia

GuildSomm – This is one of the best online resources for people like me. This link is for the general website since its Sake page is paid content

A Comprehensive Guide to Sake – From 2011, but nothing has really changed in how sake is made or the regulations

National Research Institute of Brewing (English page) – The Guide linked to above is also available on this page along with other resources

How to Pronounce Japanese Like a Native Speaker

Miyashita Sake Brewery main page (English link)

Miyashita Sake Brewery – Sacred Mist Nigori Page (Japanese only – Clicking English just takes you back to their main page)

LCBO – Want to see what the RS (Residual Sugar for a wine is? Well, LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario, a Canadian state-ran wine shop), among other ones in Canada, lists it in the product details for most of  their wines.

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