Education – What is Swiss Wine? Part 1 – Episode #122

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In this episode of Wine World TV, I’m going deep into Swiss wine. We’ll cover everything you possibly need to know for just about any kind of exam. I consider this an example of what an episode of Somm School Advanced would be like if I ever get that channel up and running. This is a two-parter, so be sure to check out next week’s conclusion!

Links for the show:

Swiss Wine (the official marketing website) –

Ticino Wine (site in Italian only) –

Le Vins Vaudois –

My Switzerland – Bündner Herrschaft –

Wikipedia – Swiss wine –

Wikipedia – Switzerland –

Wikipedia – Swiss Plateau –

Wikipedia – Lake Neuchâtel –âtel

Wikipedia – Lake Morat –

Wikipedia – Lake Biel –

Wikipedia – Seeland (Switzerland) (Three Lakes) –

Wikipedia – Ticino –

Wikipedia – Alamannia –

Wikipedia – Holy Roman Empire –

Wikipedia – Federal Charter of 1291 –

Wikipedia – Foehn wind –

Wikipedia – Freisamer –

Wikipedia – Räuschling –äuschling

Britannica – Climate of Switzerland –

Office fédéral de l’agriculture (Federal Office for Agriculture)  (OFAG/FAO) –

Federal Statistical Office (Switzerland) – Statistical Data on Switzerland 2021 (downloadable PDF) –

Office fédéral de l’agriculture (Federal Office for Agriculture)  (OFAG/FAO) – The wine year 2021 PDF –

Swiss Wine (French version) – RÉPERTOIRE DES AOC SUISSES – The official list of AOPs, though they left off the Vaud 1er Crus –

Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft BLW – (German version of the FOA) PDF of above is found here (scroll down to the link labeled Schweizerisches Verzeichnis der kontrollierten Ursprungsbezeichnungen) –

GuildSomm (this is a subscription site, but if you are a subscriber, then check out their study guide and compendium) – https://www,

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