1337 Wine Meets Vinously Speaking – Episode #200

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In the video wine review, Mark celebrates Episode #200 with Ceci Barretto and Melissa Unsell from the only other wine blog in San Antonio, Vinously Speaking. This is the first of 3 reviews recorded in front of a live audience at Ceci’s wine shop Wine A Fine Wine Shop to celebrate not only my 200th Episode, but also the 200th post for Vinously Speaking.

Reviewed in this episode are the 2007 Biltmore Estate “Blanc de Blancs”, the 2010 Biltmore Reserve Sonoma County Chardonnay, and the 2009 Biltmore Reserve North Carolina Chardonnay.

Links for today’s show:

Biltmore Estate
Vinously Speaking Wine Blog
Wine A Fine Wine Shop – soon to be renamed Vinously Speaking Wine Shop

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