Visiting Saint Tryphon Winery – Episode #438

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In this special episode of 1337 Wine TV, Mark talks with Silouan Bradford of Saint Tryphon Winery in the Texas Hill Country. Sil and Mark have been Instagram/Facebook friends for a while and first met at the Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium kind of by accident. Sil’s winery has been on Mark’s short list of Texas wineries to visit for the past year. Please join us in discovering one of the newest Texas wineries.

Links for the show:

Saint Tryphon Winery

Farmhouse Vineyards – the current source of Saint Tryphon’s grapes.

Underground Cellar – Use the referral code “1337 Wine” to give me a $25 credit to use on their site. About half of my wine review purchases come from them.

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