Freestyle Friday – Sake Part 1 – Episode #39

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In this Freestyle Friday episode of WWTV, I take you to Japan. We explore the national beverage Sake. This is part one of a two-parter. Today we cover history and basic production. Next week we go deeper into history, related beverages, the nitty gritty of production, and a lot of terms. I taste two sakes today and I’ll taste a 3rd sake next week. The sakes for this episode are the Miyashita Sake Brewery Mighty Peak and the Higashiyama Brewery Konteki Pearls of Simplicity. This is a long one, so get comfortable.

Links for the show:

Serious Eats article on Junmai Sake

YAMADA NISHIKI: THE KING OF SAKE RICE – From the Japanese Bar website

Sake entry from Wikipedia

– This is one of the best online resources for people like me. This link is for the general website since its Sake page is paid content

Ibaraki Guide
– A general website of the Ibaraki Prefecture. This is an English link

Vine Connections
– Importer of Konteki – Direct product page of the Higashiyama Brewery

Sake Brand Tatsuriki from Honda Shoten – Link to a page on the Sake International Association website that contains a video about Chairman Takeyoshi Honda

A Comprehensive Guide to Sake
– From 2011, but nothing has really changed in how sake is made or the regulations

National Research Institute of Brewing (English page) – The Guide linked to above is also available on this page along with other resources

How to Pronounce Japanese Like a Native Speaker

LCBO – Want to see what the RS (Residual Sugar for a wine is? Well, LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario, a Canadian state-ran wine shop), among other ones in Canada, lists it in the product details for most of  their wines.

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