Monster Chiller Thriller Wine XIII – Episode #98

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It’s Halloween and that means it’s time for another Monster Chiller Thriller Wine. This year it’s the lucky thirteenth in the series! I’m going back to my wine roots – Zinfandel. I picked up three spooky Zinfandels to use at your Halloween party, or to just enjoy at home by yourself or with a couple friends watching your favorite scary movie. We start with the 2020 Boneshaker Zinfandel. After that is the 2018 Omen Origins Zinfandel. We end the show with the 2019 Ghost Block Zinfandel. So grab your favorite snack and check out these wines!

Links for the show:

Boneshaker Wine –

Hahn Family Estates (parent company of Boneshaker) –

Atlas Wine Company –

Atlas Vineyard Management –

Napa Wine Company –

Ghost Block Estate Wines –

DIAM Closures –

Some sound effects licensed via Epidemic Sound.

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